Consulting Services

Life & Annuity

Product Pricing

  1. Life Insurance: Traditional
    • Mortality-Based Traditional
    • Traditional Whole Life
    • Stochastic Mortality if Needed
    • Mortality and Lapse Studies
    • Attendant Riders
  2. Life Insurance: Non-Traditional
    • Universal Life
    • Variable Life
    • Interest-Sensitive Whole Life
    • Variable Universal Life
    • Attendant Riders
    • "Minimum Guarantee" Riders
  3. Annuities
    • Fixed Income Annuities
    • Immediate Annuities
    • Variable Annuities
    • "Minimum Guarantee" Riders


  1. Statutory Accounting
  2. GAAP Accounting Where Needed
  3. IFRS Accounting Where Needed
  4. Other Accounting Principles as Needed

Risk Management

  1. Asset/Liability Management
  2. Fixed-Asset Pricing
    • Includes Stochastic Interest Rates
    • Includes Credit Risk
  3. Risk-Based Capital
    • Statutorily Defined
    • First-Principles Based
    • Value at Risk
    • Conditional Tail Expectation

Actuarial Services

  1. Enhancing Stochastic Processing Speed
  2. Optimizing Data Compression
    • Highly Increased Accuracy
    • Highly Increased Compression Ratio
  3. Model Risk
    • Model Validation
    • Actuarial Audit
Consulting Overview Property and Casualty Services

InsurTech Global Consulting Services are provided under the leadership of Mr. Lloyd Foster, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He has 27 years of post-Fellowship actuarial and risk management experience, with the last 17 years focused on risk management, risk modeling and model validation for market, credit, operational and insurance risk.
About Lloyd Foster

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