One of the most modern and comprehensive reinsurance systems

The RI System was developed by a team of veteran reinsurance industry experts, with an average of 25 years of experience in the fields of Reinsurance, Actuarial Science, Regulation, Audit, Accounting, and Technology; all with in depth knowledge of both US and European intricacies and regulations.

RI is a modern Property & Casualty reinsurance administration solution that is intended for insurers, reinsurers and brokers. It provides complete support for all types of reinsurance covers such as, proportional and non-proportional contracts, treaty, facultative and facultative obligatory. The solution offers a full audit trail as well as thorough controls, which ensure that all compliance and audit requirements are met and maintained.

It is a highly flexible and comprehensive solution, engineered to handle the most unique and complex reinsurance structures and/or requirements.

Features and benefits of the Reinsurance Intelligence System:

  •   Fully automated allocation and calculation of reinsurance premiums and claims
  •   Automatic linkage of each risk with its associated reinsurance program, drastically reducing unintended risk exposure as well as recoverable leakage.
  •   Comprehensive regulatory reporting.
  •   Cutting-edge browser-based user interface design, which radically minimizes the learning curve.
  •   Modern business intelligence capability, providing extensive reporting and analysis on profitability, exposure and overall portfolio trends amongst other metrics.
  •   Multi-lingual, multi-currency system that is adapted to today's global market.

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