About Us

InsurTech Global is a provider of software solutions for the global insurance and reinsurance industries.

The company was founded by a team of Senior Insurance Executives, with an average of 25 years of experience and expertise in a number of disciplines, such as Reinsurance, Actuarial Sciences, Regulation & Audit, Accounting, Finance, and Technology amongst others — all with in-depth knowledge of both US and European intricacies and regulations.

InsurTech Global has leveraged the extensive experience and far reaching knowledge of its team to bring forth its unique products offering in the fields of Reinsurance and Actuarial sciences, namely:

  • The Reinsurance Intelligence, or "R.I", system is one of the most modern and comprehensive Property and Casualty Reinsurance solutions on the market.
  • The STOCHAc Accelerator is an actuarial solution that has established itself as the fastest speed-enhancing platform for stochastic processes, by a factor of 300 or more.

The company also provides Consulting Services for the Life & Annuities and Property & Casualty Insurance Companies in the areas of Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management.

InsurTech Global has its North American operations in Dallas, Texas and serves the Latin American & International Markets through its Satellite offices in Miami Beach Florida, and Paris France.