Joseph Sebbag
President & C.E.O

Joseph Sebbag is an expert in reinsurance software for primary insurers and reinsurers...

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Yves Corcos

Mr. Corcos has over 30 years' experience in high profile executive position for some of the...

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Joachim Nahmani
Actuarial R&D

Joachim Holds a Graduate degree in Financial Mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology...

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Charles O'Hanna
Chief Technology Officer

As InsurTech Global CTO Mr. O'Hanna brings over 25 years' experience leading complex ...

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Karen Messas
Director of Operations & HR

As director of Operations & HR, Mrs. Messas brings with her over 20 years of experience ...

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Jonah Kosfiszer
Lead Software Engineer

Jonah has over 25 years' experience leading Development teams and designing software...

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