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Leading Edge, End-to-End Actuarial Modeling Platform

The "STOCHAc" Risk & Financial Modeling Platform:

STOCHAc is a Highly Innovative End-to-End Enterprise Modeling Platform, capable of handling Millions of Policies and Thousands of Scenarios with Lightning Speed and Flawless Accuracy.

Examples of Features:

  • Modern User Optimized Interface
  • 256 Bit Encrypted Audit Trail
  • Economic Scenario Generator
  • Powerful "User Friendly" Migration Tool - ETL
  • Sophisticated Actuarial Calculator
  • Large Actuarial Formulas Library
  • Pre-optimized Model Libraries, to be used as building blocks
  • C++, C# Modeling
  • RStudio Modeling
  • Integrated Excel, for easy Reconciliation & Audit
  • Coding Tools i.e. UML, Code Compare, Snippets
  • System Generated User Interface - New Models
  • GPU, CPU & SIMD Parallel computing
  • Most Powerful Machine Learning & GPU HPC
  • Instant Remote Support
  • Collaborative Chat Rooms
  • Dynamic Issue Tracking and Monitoring.
  • Company & User Rights Management
  • Batch Processing
  • Files & Template Repository
  • Much More ...

RStudio Machine Learning, GPU Version for STOCHAc :
RStudio was completely integrated in STOCHAc for seamless inter-operations.

Key Points:

  • Machine Learning Components such as TensorFlow,Tfestimators, Keras, and Tidyverse, were deployed for an unmatched overall "R" experience.
  • Overall Optimization and integration of the GPU version of TensorFlow

Speed & Technology:

STOCHAc can run at blazing speed on a standard computer or server and can also leverage the power of computers equipped with Nvidia GPU graphic cards.

Use of Machine Learning and Cloud Computing for Unbound Speed & Power:

STOCHAc was designed from the Ground-up to leverage the latest cloud-computing platforms, using NVidia GPU Technology. One of which is the AWS EC2 P3 Instances which runs on up to eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. The Tesla is the world first "TERAFLOP" GPU, "Many-Core".
With thousands of CUDA cores per processor, Tesla scales to solve the world's most important computing challenges-quickly and accurately.

Examples of Technological Dominance & Sheer Power:
  • 125 teraflops of single-precision
  • 62 teraflops of double-precision floating-point performance
  • One petaflop of mixed-precision
  • Speed of 300 GB per second, low-latency GPU-to-GPU communication.
  • 64 vCPUs based on custom Intel Xeon E5 (Broadwell) processors.
  • 488 GB of DRAM
  • 25 Gbps of dedicated aggregate network ENA bandwidth
STOCHAc Technology Stack :

With STOCHAc, insurers will be able to achieve the most demanding requirements with a degree of Speed, Precision and Flexibility never reached before, giving them an unparalleled advantage over the competition.