About Us

InsurTech Global mission is to craft highly Innovative and Flexible solutions to address Operational, Technological and Regulatory challenges faced by Insurers globally.

The Company founders are Established Insurance leaders with in-depth industry knowledge of US and European intricacies and regulations.

Collectively, the group's expertise covers a number of disciplines, such as Actuarial Science, Insurance Accounting & Finance as well as Software Development and Innovative Technologies

The team leveraged its extensive know-how to bring forth a unique Actuarial Solution. Namely:

• The "STOCHAc" Risk & Financial Modeling Platform

An End-to-End Enterprise Platform, capable of handling Millions of Policies & Thousands of Scenarios with Lightning Speed and Flawless Accuracy. All, with unmatched widespread functional and technological features.

InsurTech Global also provides a wide range of Professional Consulting Services in Actuarial Science and Risk Management.

We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serve the Latin American & International Markets through its satellite offices in Miami Beach Florida, and Paris France.